Module II.

5. One Holy Family
6. One Holy Tribe
7. One Holy Nation
8. One Holy Kingdom
9. One Holy Church

Scott Hahn's Lectures

Four Marks of the Church
Answering Objections
The Sacraments
Families of Faith

Module II presents a broad overview of salvation history. The next five presentations will focus on how the Family of God developed throughout Biblical history. This Family of God begins with the marital covenant established with Adam and Eve and reaches its fulfillment in the international or universal covenant established by Jesus Christ with His followers, the Catholic Church. Scott draws from his encyclopedic knowledge of the Old Testament to show that since the Old Testament was a prototype of what was to be fulfilled with the coming of the Messiah, the better we understand the Old Testament, the greater appreciation we will have for God's handiwork in preparing His children for this awesome gift of salvation and divine sonship.


5) One Holy Family - One Holy Tribe

This program discusses how God the Creator entered into a covenant with His creation: making Himself our Father, us creatures His children and the universe His glorious temple.

6) One Holy Tribe (continued)

This program concludes the overview of salvation history from Adam to Noah.

7) One Holy Nation - One Holy Kingdom

This program begins with the covenant with Noah and shows how the human family became divided into tribes. God chose one of these tribes, Abraham's, with which to make a blood covenant of faith and fidelity. Scott then shows how this covenant with Abraham is made manifest with the twelve tribes of Israel: making them His own national family and a priestly people.

8) One Holy Kingdom (continued)

This program continues with a look at the Davidic Kingdom and at how God's covenant with David transforms Israel into a kingdom designed to teach His wisdom to the nations. It is this kingdom that will be the prototype of the Kingdom of God, the Catholic Church, not yet established in its perfection here on earth.

9) One Holy Church

This final program of the salvation history series brings it all together. All of the covenants of the Old Testament, all of the promises God made to His people are fulfilled in the New Covenant of Christ and His Church.