Module I.

1. The Scott Hahn Conversion Story
2. My Conversion Story, Kimberly Hahn
3. The Splendor of the Church
4. The Bible and the Church: Both or Neither

Scott Hahn's Lectures

Salvation History
Four Marks of the Church
Answering Objections
The Sacraments
Families of Faith

The "Catholic Adult Education" program with Scott and Kimberly Hahn is broken down into six modules. Each module consists of one or more related presentations and is laid out in a recommended sequence. The entire program consists of thirty-five individual presentations. The first four presentations in Module I, lay the foundation for the entire program. First, Scott and Kimberly Hahn are introduced and tell how they came to see the Catholic Church as the Family of God. From there an overview of the Catholic Church is given and shows the historical splendor of her existence. The final presentations in this section focuses on the Bible and the Church; it explains why the two must go together and cannot be separated. This program establishes the divine authority of both the Bible and the Church and provides a definitive source of reference for subject matter in later presentations.


1) The Scott Hahn Conversion Story: Protestant Minister Becomes Catholic

This program focuses on familiarizing the class with Scott Hahn and his journey into the Church. It's a story as old as Saul of Tarsus, as poignant as that of John Henry Newman and G.K. Chesterton. Scott, who once vigorously attacked the Catholic Faith, one day wakes up, shocked to discover the Biblical grounds of the Church. The more Scott studied Scripture, the more serious questions arose in his mind about such issues as sin and redemption, the nature of the Church, the meaning of the Last Supper, Biblical authority and revelation. Like John Henry Newman's, Scott's dedication to follow the truth wherever it led him, even if it led him to Rome, cost him dearly. He lost his job, his position in the evangelical society, many of his friends and his vocation as a public minister. But he gained much more than he lost: the full truth of the Gospel. The former persecutor becomes a great champion and defender of the faith.

2) My Conversion Story, Kimberly Hahn

This program like the first, familiarizes the class with Kimberly Hahn and her heartfelt journey into the Catholic Church. The daughter of a prominent Protestant minister, Kimberly had earned a M.A. degree in theology when her husband, Scott, began taking a second look at the teachings of the Catholic Church. Kimberly's own wrestling with the issue of artificial birth control in a class on Christian ethics had led her, much to her surprise, to adopt the Catholic position as more in harmony with Scripture. Her account of this journey is riveting audiences all across America.

3) The Splendor of the Church

In this program Scott gives an overview of the Church and shares his profound insights on the beauty of the Church, the Bride of Christ, the Family of God. Scott also instills in the viewer a renewed respect for the Catholic Church by revealing the historic splendor of the Church through her apostolic zeal and consistency of doctrine.

4) The Bible and the Church: Both or Neither

Once the Church has been established as the Bride of Christ and the Family of God, Scott shows in this program how the Bible and the Church go together like flesh and blood. They must be accepted or rejected together: both or neither. This will lay the groundwork for the next few programs and will generate a new interest in the Bible and in the Church's consistency of doctrine, which is found to be constantly supported by Scripture.