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The conference will take place on Monday 5th and Tuesday 6th June 2023. There will be a conference dinner in the evening of Tuesday 6th June.

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All talks are 15 minutes with an additional 5 minutes for discussion/questions

Monday June 5

0930: Welcome - Ofer Lahav

Cosmology and Large Scale Structure

Chair: Ofer Lahav

0940: A conclusive test of ΛCDM – Carlos Frenk

1000: Multiplexing the Universe – John Peacock

1020: The Sigma 8 Tension – George Efstathiou

1040: 35 Years of Supernovae – Mark Sullivan

Coffee break

1120: The past, present and future of galaxy surveys – Matthew Colless

1140: Interfering dark matter – Tom Broadhurst

1200: Telescopes on balloons (looking up, not down) – Richard Massey

1220: Connecting clusters to the cosmic web – Meghan Gray

Conference photo and lunch

Galaxies and stellar populations

Chair: Ray Sharples

1400: The rapid onset of stellar discs in the early universe – Joss Bland-Hawthorn

1420: Inferring physical properties of galaxies from 1995 till today – Jarle Brinchmann

1440: Gravitational lensing in 3D: drilling into the universe with MUSE – Johan Richard

Tea break

1520: Connecting low and high redshift galaxies – Alfonso Aragon-Salamanca

1540: Deep spectroscopy of high redshift quiescent galaxies with JWST – Sirio Belli

1600: JWST study of the mass-metallicity-SFR relations at z=4 to 10 – Kimihiko Nakajima

Panel discussion

1620: Promise of new facilities - Bland-Hawthorn, Castander, Davies (Chair), Gray, Kuijken, Rich

Welcome Reception at Institute of Physics

Tuesday June 6

The Quest for Cosmic Dawn

Chair: Adi Zitrin

0930: Working at the redshift frontier – Jim Dunlop

0950: The competitive hunt for the first galaxies – Pascal Oesch

1010: JWST at the edge of the universe – studies with NIRSpec – Andy Bunker

1030: An impossible galaxy forming at z=11? – Karl Glazebrook

Coffee break

1115: ALMA+JWST view of the build-up of early massive galaxies – Rychard Bouwens

1135: Witnessing galaxy formation: the case of MACS1149-JD1 at z=9.1 – Akio Inoue

1155: Probing Cosmic Dawn with Theory and Observations – Harley Katz

1215: The quest for cosmic dawn with HST and JWST – Nicolas Laporte

1235: Breaking the redshift barrier with NIRSPec – Emma Curtis-Lake


Exploring Reionisation & the IGM

Chair: Sarah Bosman

1400: Observing the high redshift universe with Richard – Yuichi Harikane

1420: Evolution of bright star-forming galaxies in the first billion years - Rebecca Bowler

1440: Observing Lyman alpha emission in the reionisation era with JWST – Aayush Saxena

1500: Faint galaxies and evolution with JWST and HST – Chris Conselice

1520: A complete census of Hα, Hβ and [O III] at z~5-9 with JWST – Romain Meyer

Tea break

Panel discussion

1600: Prospects for cosmic dawn - Bowler, Hashimoto, Katz, Kneib, McLeod, Oesch (Chair), Swinbank, Zitrin

1645: Concluding remarks - James Dunlop

1900: Reception (Senate House)

1930: Dinner (Senate House)... including after dinner amusements

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