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Our Lady in Doctrine And Devotion

A Biblical Apologetic of Catholic Christianity

Outline of Christology

An Introduction to Christian Philosophy

The Living God

The Holy Spirit and The Church

Catholic Apologetics Today: Answers to Modern Critics

Grace, Predestination and the Salvific Will of God: New Answers to Old Questions

Catholic Apologetics Notes

The Trinity and God The Creator

The Ordained Priesthood

Catholic Evidence Guild Training Outlines

The Great Heresies

Here are a selection of E-books explaining various Catholic theological and doctrinal topics. These have been mainly authored by Father William G. Most, a famous biblical scholar, apologist and scripture expert, who is internationally recognized as one of the premier orthodox Catholic theologians of our time. Father Most holds a doctorate in classical languages and theology, and teaches theology at the Notre Dame Institute in Arlington, Virginia.

He is available to answer questions on Scripture and Divine Revelation on EWTN's EXPERT FORUM.

Some of his scripture commentaries can be accessed here.

Other examples of his work can be obtained via EWTN's file library.

Finally, the Jeff Mirius' excellent Trinity Communications houses the MOST Database, a searchable database of Fr. Most's writings.

Other authors, include Hilaire Belloc, Garrigou-Lagrange, Eamonn Keane and Frank Sheed.

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