Orbital parameters of extra-solar planets from radial velocity data using MCMC (Balan & Lahav 2008)

ExoFit is a freely available software package for estimating orbital parameters of extra-solar planets. ExoFit can search for either one or two planets and employs a Bayesian Markov Chain Monte Carlo (MCMC) method to fit a Keplerian radial velocity curve onto the radial velocity data.

Best fit Keplerian orbital solution for HD 159868 Posterior distribution of orbital parameters and other useful astronomical quantities for HD 159868


ExoFit papers

More details about ExoFit are given in Balan & Lahav (2008). astro-ph link

Download Exofit

Source code: ExoFit.v2.tar.gz (~300Kb)


Download ExoFit User's Guide

Installation Instructions

Unpack the downloaded tar ball using:

tar xvzf ExoFit.v2.tar.gz

This will create the directory ExoFit.v2, with subdirectories include , src , doc and data.

The ExoFit user guide can also be found in the doc directory.

The data directory contains sample data.

The source code can be found in the src directory. To compile, edit the Makefile , as described in the ExoFit users guide, and use the command make from this directory. The two executables exofit and plotmaker can then be moved to your ~/bin directory (or any other directory in your PATH) so you can access the programs easily from the command line.

Release History

Date Version Comments Link
20-05-2008 1.0 Can search for either 1 or 2 planets ExoFit.v2.tar.gz
10-05-2008 2.0 Single planet search ExoFit.v1.tar.gz

Last modified: May 20, 2008