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2 Sep 2006 A minor update just to remove some of the scripts I had been linking to that suddenly had started popping up nasty advertising on the page. Sorry about that everyone. Also, just to satisfy Ian: I still only have one head, and it still has hair on it.
24 Oct 2005 By popular (?) demand here's a quick update on what I'm doing now: I'm currently working for a city startup (how long can one justify calling it a startup?) called Columba Systems. I'm working with Chris and the office is just accross the road from Tammay and Richard.
Some time ago now, I did a Ph.D. with the Hot-Star Group at University College London. My main research interest is in the field of photospheric abundances in O stars, but my work to date has also included a study of rotational velocities of O and B stars. A CD version of my thesis is available upon request.
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BBC News - Science & Environment
Tim Peake drives remote robot on Earth
UK astronaut Tim Peake controls a robot vehicle on Earth from the space station, simulating how humans could one day remotely command vehicles on other worlds.
Lizards share sleep patterns with humans
Scientists say sleep patterns previously thought exclusive to mammals and birds are also found in lizards.
Weasel shuts down Large Hadron Collider
The Large Hadron Collider particle accelerator in Switzerland is offline after suffering a short circuit - caused by a weasel.
Kenyan call to stamp out ivory trade
President Kenyatta of Kenya urges action to end Africa's illegal trade in ivory as he prepares to host a summit on saving elephants from extinction.
'Sleepless slugs' on rise, say experts
Last year's wet summer, followed by one of the warmest winters on record, has helped to create a generation of sleepless slugs, wildlife experts have warned.
Japan to abandon space satellite forever
Japan's space agency says it will abandon efforts to restore a multimillion dollar satellite sent to explore black holes, after it spun out of control.
New EU radar satellite takes first image
The EU's newest Earth observation satellite, Sentinel-1b, has returned its first radar imagery - of Svalbard, the Norwegian archipelago.
Neonics 'not equally harmful' to bees
The largest field-study so far in to the group of pesticides called "neonicotinoids" has concluded that each acts differently on the brains of the bees.
Glaciers with a flotilla of 'ice sails'
Scientists describe the processes that drive "ice sails" - a rare and somewhat esoteric feature of debris covered glaciers.
Gene therapy reverses sight loss
A genetic therapy improves the vision of some patients who would otherwise have gone blind.
Delayed Russian rocket lifts off
Russia launches the first rocket from its new Vostochny cosmodrome, following a 24-hour delay that drew the ire of President Vladimir Putin.
Brain's 'atlas' of words revealed
Scientists in the US have mapped out how the brain organises language.
Mars mission by 2018 says SpaceX
Billionaire Elon Musk plans to send his Dragon spacecraft to Mars as early as 2018.
'Secret of youth' in ginger gene
Scientists say they have made a leap in knowing why some people retain their youthful looks while others age badly.
Volcano implicated in Maya upheaval
Scientists think they can now tie the disruption that hit Maya civilisation in the 6th Century to an eruption of the El Chichon volcano.
VIDEO: Tim Peake drives remote Mars rover
UK astronaut Tim Peake has performed a challenging remote control experiment on the International Space Station.
VIDEO: Meet the decoys protecting tiny seabirds
Conservationists have come up with a novel solution, using fake versions of the Little Tern, to try to attract the real ones to find suitable nesting spots.
VIDEO: Rescued circus lions to fly to South Africa
More than 30 lions which have been rescued from circuses in Peru and Colombia are to be flown to a sanctuary in South Africa.
VIDEO: 'Fat' gorilla surprises zoo with baby
A gorilla has given birth at Prague Zoo, without keepers noticing she was pregnant.
VIDEO: Gene therapy could reverse sight loss
A pioneering new treatment is giving is new hope for those with macular degeneration, as Pallab Ghosh reports.
VIDEO: When will China get to Mars?
China is due to announce more details about a mission to Mars.
VIDEO: Space station gets inflatable extension
An experimental inflatable module has been attached to the International Space Station remotely by a Nasa ground control team.
VIDEO: Repaired Solar Impulse flies again
The zero-fuel aircraft Solar Impulse is ready to resume its round-the-world challenge following repairs in Hawaii.
VIDEO: The world's worst nuclear disaster
The aftermath of the Chernobyl explosion
What is the most expensive object on Earth?
A new nuclear power station in the UK will be the most expensive thing ever built on the planet. True or false?
Bloodhound Diary: Planning for the roughest of rides
What's it going to be like to drive at 1,000mph?
Is world's greenest office also smart?
The building is high tech but are the workers on board?
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