Welcome to the homepage for FIR2011! This meeting was held from Wednesday 14th to Friday 16th September 2011 at the Royal Astronomical Society's Burlington House headquarters, on the subject of star formation and feedback in galaxies as revealed by far infrared and submillimeter wavelengths.

The meeting was divided into three scientific sessions covering the topics of:

  1. The interactions between stars and the ISM in the Milky Way
  2. Nearby and low redshift Galaxies: the relation between HI, CO, and the star formation rate
  3. The FIR and submm universe at high redshift

Many of the talks and posters from the meeting can now be viewed on the abstracts page. Participants who would like their presentations to be displayed may send them to fir2011 AT at any time.


The Andromeda Galaxy in infrared, optical and X-rays The Andromeda Galaxy in infrared, optical and X-rays (ESA) Galaxy evolution is one of the most important and active areas of current astrophysics research with far reaching applications for understanding the evolution of our universe. The route by which smaller scale galaxies, including our own Milky Way, arrived at their present day appearances is not so clear as it involves, among other things, the diverse, complex and interrelated physics of star formation, the formation and destruction of dust and, the interplay of the phases of the multi-phase interstellar medium. The interplay between stars, and the gas and dust from which they form, is of primary importance in understanding galaxy formation and feedback processes, and, to make progress, observations in the infrared and submillimeter are essential.

This meeting will provide the platform to present what we will have learnt about the ISM, star formation and galactic environments from current and emerging facilities such as Herschel, SOFIA, AKARI, ALMA and the Stratospheric Terrahertz Observatory.

Previous meetings

Star forming region in the Milky Way Star forming region in the Milky Way (ESA) This meeting was the fourth in a series to discuss far-infrared and submillimeter emission of the interstellar medium from the Milky Way and other galaxies. The previous meetings were:

Contact: Serena Viti