Prof Allan J Willis

Allan J Willis PhD
Tel 0171 419 3488
Fax 0171 380 7145

Position: Professor of Astronomy

Area: A - Astronomy, Astrophysics and Atmospheric Physics

Office location: A10

I was an undergraduate at University College London (1970-73) graduating with a BSc in Astronomy, and stayed at UCL to take a PhD in Astronomy (1973-76). Since then I have pursued a research and teaching career at UCL, as an SERC Postdoctoral Research Assistant (1976-79), SERC Advanced Research Fellow (1979-84) and Royal Society University Research Fellow (1984-92). I was promoted to Reader in Astronomy at UCL in 1990, and to Professor of Astronomy at UCL in 1995. I am currently Chairman of the Departmental Teaching Committee.

My research interests have largely involved the investigation of the most massive and luminous hot stars in galaxies, together with studies of the gas and dust in the interstellar medium. Particular emphasis has been placed on studying the physical and chemical nature of Wolf-Rayet stars, their mass loss properties and evolutionary status. This has involved spectroscopic studies in many wavebands using both space satellites and ground-based telescopes, notably in the ultraviolet (using the IUE satellite), in the X-ray domain (using the ROSAT and ASCA satellites), in the mid-infrared (using the ISO satellite) and in the optical using telescopes at the Anglo Australian Observatory and the La Palma observatory.

I have published over 170 research papers and co-edited three books. I have served on a large number of Peer review Committees of the Research Councils responsible for the UK astronomy programme, and am currently a member of the PPARC Ground Based Facilities Committee.